Special Scholarship Workshop


In 2019 the following schools offered a half scholarship to one male, and one female dancer at the Australian Dance Festival:

  • Dance Force (NSW)

  • Dynamite Studios Academy (QLD)

  • Lee Academy (NSW)

  • Village Nation (NSW)


What we are looking for in a scholarship student/tips on how to get a scholarship
We are looking for well-rounded vibrant individuals who not only have a strong technical background but also who have a wide range of interests in self-discovery.  Additionally, we would like to see innovative dancers who can demonstrate a drive for results, strong communication and relationship-building skills, an appetite for problem-solving and an unwavering ambition to deliver results.

The focus on continuous improvement runs throughout Dance Force, as well as an understanding that a student surrounded by a healthy cultural environment is more likely to reach their potential and succeed. We like to think of Dance Force as a family away from home. We look for students who exhibit the highest ethical standards and respect for others. Who are eager to share their experiences, and display genuine support for their fellow performers. Students also need self-discipline, motivation, commitment, and an open mind to go beyond what they have learnt so far. 

What makes our school unique

Dance Force's success is mostly contributed to constantly adjusting the balance of a knowledgeable faculty with extensive practical experience and a close relationship with present leading industry professionals. 

With a freshly renovated venue, Dance Force is located near the beautiful Coolangatta beach in Tweed Heads, NSW.   Dance Force offers nationally accredited courses in Certificate III in Assistant Dance Teaching, Certificate IV in Dance and Diploma of Dance (Elite performance).

Tips for a Successful Audition


What we are looking for in a scholarship student/tips on how to get a scholarship
‘Your pathway to success’

What we are looking for: Dynamite Studios Academy is looking for passionate, hard working and dedicated students who will enjoy the technique and versatility of our full time courses whilst being challenged and educated on the ever-changing industry. ADF provides us with a great opportunity to seek new talent who fits our DSA family.

What makes our school unique
Dynamite Studios Academy is currently the Gold Coast’s only registered training organisation for dance and musical theatre. Our studio is nestled in the heart of the Gold Coast, and has first class purpose built, high quality studios and facilities that creates an inspiring space for full time dance education and industry training in our 8 different courses.

Dynamite Studios Academy’s core focus is career development… our aim is to nurture students along their chosen entertainment career, no matter what a students goal or ambition is we have the course, qualification and team of industry professionals and educators to support them in achieving their goals. Full time students of Dynamite Studios Academy have the opportunity to work as dancers and hosts with some of the world’s largest brands in children entertainment and there is also opportunity for students to gain entry into our boutique commercial dance agency. Full Time courses provided (Certificate IV in Dance, Diploma of Dance (Elite Performance), Diploma of Musical Theatre.

Lee Academy.jfif

What are we looking for in a scholarship student?
Open-minded, passionate, hard-working & talented. 

What makes our school unique?
The vast array of courses we offer, including Advanced Diploma of Dance (Elite Performance). 
The location & spaciousness of our studios. The experience of the faculty members in mentoring dancers into careers. The opportunities we provide in dance training & the amazing professional development of our full time students.
With Lee Academy graduates in roles across the broad scope of careers in the arts : from soloists in The Moulin Rouge, leads in Cirque Du Soleil, Dance Captains, Company Performance Managers & Dancers on every cruise line in the world, lead & ensemble roles in Musical Theatre both nationally & internationally – our versatility in our training has been proven time & time again.


What we're looking for in a scholarship student
At Village Nation, our scholarship student will display an unwavering commitment to their training and development. We are always looking for individuality and will always seek to promote each students strengths and encourage them to be the best version of themselves. 
They will also be a kind and courteous person to fit in with the morals and ethos at our studio. 

Finally, they must have a strong work ethic and set the example in the class room for all their peers. 

What makes our school unique.
We place a very strong emphasis on providing a course that promotes personal development in all aspects - physically, mentally and spiritually.

Having a balanced and harmonious course atmosphere is vital to ensuring each student gets the most out of their course. 

Our extensive industry connections Australia wide and overseas allow us to to maximise the possibilities for our graduates to secure full time work.