The Australian Dance Festival's workshop schedule runs like a "Who's Who" of the Australian Dance industry.  It's your opportunity to learn from the very best dance choreographers in Australia - all jam packed into one amazing weekend.


Workshops run on Friday, Saturday & Sunday! 

We are excited to announce that in 2019, we will have the Netball Centre on Sunday as well!
What this means for you:

  • We no longer have to divide Sunday up with Juniors in the morning, and Seniors in the afternoon! 

  • You will be able to attend an extra 3 workshops on Sunday - so that's 14 hours of workshops over 3 days!

Best of all, our prices are amazingly affordable and represent massive value for money.

Not only do you get workshops with your passes, but also seats for:

  • Australia's Best Dance Crew (Friday night & Sunday night)

  • The Dance Around The World Solo Comp (Saturday night & Sunday night)

Day Passes: From $160 / Weekend Passes:  From $280


  • Due to the busy schedules of the instructors, we reserve the right to change, amend or cancel workshops in the instance where instructors may cancel on us),

  • For profiles of our instructors, please visit our Facebook Album "2019 ADF Confirmed Instructors"

  •  Extra charges apply for: The Dream Dance Co Intensive  (Fri) , Parent Workshop with Marko Panzic (Sat), Cat Santos Intensive (Sun)

  • Where a workshop is "14 & Under" this means that the Instructor has been told to cater the class to 14 & Unders AND MORE IMPORTANTLY to only choose a Dance Around The World Finalist who is 14 & Under.  You can attend this workshop if you are over 15 years old BUT YOU MUST NOT PUT YOURSELF FORWARD for the Dance Around The World Solo Competition.  We will be checking your age when we collect your music and you will be disqualified if you are not in the correct age category for the workshop.

  • Similarly, if you are 14 and under, you can attend all  the other workshops (other than Sophie Holloway's Full Time Dance School Scholarship Audition on Saturday).  BUT YOU MUST NOT PUT YOURSELF FORWARD FOR THE Dance Around The World Solo Competition unless the workshop is labelled as "14 & Under".

  • We regret that we cannot select a Dance Around The World Soloist from the Tap workshops as the Quaycentre does not allow tap on their stage due to the risk of damage to their property.

  • FTDSA stands for Full Time Dance School Auditions which will take place in the Hall of Legends on Sat & Sun.

  • There are limited spaces available for the Tap workshops.  You can sign up for entry to these workshops on the Friday & Saturday of the Festival on a first come/ first served basis.  Sign up sheets will be posted at the entry door of the Hockey Room from Friday 20th September.



Finish off your ADF by joining me in my ADF specific, 3 hr development class! I remember when I would take ADF classes 10 years ago! I would leave feeling inspired, motivated, exhausted, overwhelmed… all of the feelings! Not only is it a sensory overload, but it can be an emotional and physical overload as well. And before you know it… it’s over!

My question was always “How can I grow even more from this experience - BEYOND all the steps I learnt - once the weekend is finished?”

So, this year, I wanted to create a time and space for those who wished to join me in a 3 hr Cat Santos x Notinmybelly style self-development class on Sunday afternoon where we take the time to process the weekend. Where I give you practical tools on how to navigate YOUR specific journey and propel you further into your personal growth, not just as a dancer but as a human being.

There will be lots of journalling, sharing, stretching, meditating, interacting and drawing (yes drawing!) But also some really true and honest talks. It will be fun, creative and light but also super transformative to end your huge weekend. The class is designed for a more mature age group (14+) and in order for the experience to feel intimate and for everyone to have the opportunity to share and feel seen there is a limit of 40 x people in the class. This way I can REALLY get to know YOU! So get in quick!!! I can’t wait to meet you all!

Appropriate for 14+ Only.  Cost is $40.  Limited to 40 spaces only.

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