The Australian Dance Festival is committed to running our 2021 Event and adapting to the Covid restrictions that may be in place in Sept 2021.  Should the event not proceed, please rest assured that we will provide a full refund.  The terms and conditions of our refund policy are outlined at the bottom of this page.  Please contact us on 0416 053 169 should you have any questions.

In the past we have offered Day Passes and Night Show Tickets to our event.  As we are still navigating what our capacity will be like at the Venues, we will offer only Weekend passes for sale until further notice.




Our COVID-19 Safety Plan

Terms & Conditions of Purchase:

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellations up to 31st July 2021 will only be refunded 50% of any type of pass or accommodation.

Change Policy

  • Any changes such as cancellations, change of name, change in type of pass, change of room mate, switching rooms, changing dates of accommodation, etc will be subject to an administration charge of AUD$25

  • No cancellations, changes and/or refunds will be accepted from 1st August 2021.

Chaperone Passes

The Chaperone Pass gives chaperones access to:

  1.  The shows on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (24th-26th Sept), but NOT the Dream Creative Show on Sunday

  2.  The Workshops as a spectator on Friday, Saturday & Sunday (NB: Depending on government restrictions this ticket access may change due to capacity). 

** To  be eligible for a Chaperone pass, your child must be under 18 and have a weekend pass. 

2021 COVID-19 Refund Policy

  • Our normal refund policies* will apply UNLESS:

1. The government puts a ban on mass gatherings and/or Interstate Borders Close

Should either or both of these situations arise, we will look at cancelling the dates in September and re-scheduling the event as we will not put people at risk.

We have consulted with the Accor Hotels (Pullman, Novotel & Ibis) as well as the Quest Apartments and we are thankful that they have been flexible in this situation. Our venues have also given us up to 10 days before the event to cancel with only an administrative fee. We are extremely grateful to all our partners and suppliers for being so flexible as it allows us to also extend the same flexibility to our valued dance families.

What this will mean for you in the case that the ADF is postponed:

  • You can either roll forward your ticket and your accommodation payments to the new scheduled dates of the ADF or

  • If you are unable to attend the new scheduled dates, we will provide you with a refund for your ADF tickets and accommodation LESS a $25 administration fee

  • If you have already purchased your flights, please call your travel agent / airline to discuss how flexible their policies are and whether they will provide you with a credit or refund

  • If you haven’t purchased your flights, we recommend that you purchase a flight with the flexibility to change your dates.

  • Please remember that travel agents and airlines have also been badly affected by COVID-19 and be calm and compassionate with staff who are trying to help you. 

2. You have been directly impacted by COVID-19 and are unable to come due to illness, quarantine or loss of income (please communicate with us ASAP if this is the case). 

In this scenario, we will be assuming that the ADF will run as usual in September.

We will assess each request for a refund on a case by case scenario.

We do not wish for the ADF to be a source of more heartache and pain for families affected by COVID-19 and will use compassion common sense and to guide our decisions. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any assistance or clarification about refunds. Our preferred mode of contact is via email to our Operations Manager:

Model Release & Limitations on Liability

All participants in workshops, competitions and shows must agree to the following: 

  • I authorize the  Australian Dance Festival) and their sponsors/ supporters the use of images for promotional material, being photographs and video footage.taken during the event.

  • The Australian Dance Festival and all their contracted instructors and staff and all venues are not liable for any personal injury, or loss or damage to personal property whilst attending the event.

Conditions of Entry:

1)  To keep your wristband on at all times during the Australian Dance Festival.

2)  If you lose your wristband and you are unable to provide us with your original wristband, you will have to pay to enter the event.  In this scenario, we must consider the risk to the event that you have given your wristband to someone else who may be able to use it to enter the event without having paid.

3)  If you break your wristband and require a replacement, you must provide us with your original wristband in order to get a replacement and pay a $5 replacement fee.  Please note that we have tested our wristbands, and even after wearing them for a week, they do not break or come off by themselves.  We have trialed both Tyvek (paper wristbands) and Plastic Wristbands and we have found that the plastic wristbands can scratch your skin, and also slows down our registration process due to the need to cut off the ends.


4)  Entry is subject to compliance with the venue's Conditions of Entry. Patrons who disrupt a performance, who are in use or possession of a prohibited object may be asked to leave the venue without refund of ticket purchase. Ticket holder consents to and will permit the search and inspection of his or her person, clothing, bags or other possessions by any official, employee or agent of the venue. See website

5)  The ticket is valid only when purchased through an authorised agent and must be retained throughout the performance. Any and all correspondence in relation to ticketing must be directed towards Angela Lau (email: - phone: 1300-132-152.

6) The right is reserved to vary, substitute of withdraw advertised programs, artists, venue and seating arrangements as necessary.

7) The ticket purchaser agrees to accept responsibility for ensuring this ticket is not copied and/or used fraudulently