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Workshops & Shows
Workshops & Shows
Workshops & Shows
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Where can I access assistance at the event?

Our Help Desk will be open at the following times:
Friday 8th April from 9.30am – 8pm 
Saturday 9th April  8am - 8pm 
Sunday 10th April from 8am - 8pm


How Early Do I have to arrive at the Venue? 
We recommend that you arrive at the venue at least 2 hours before your first workshop on FRIDAY to enable us to check you in.

On Saturday, at 8am for a 9pm start.

On Sunday, Juniors & Open should aim to be there by 8am.
Seniors should aim to be there by 12 noon.
Please note that Quaycentre requires that all bags be checked and tagged upon entry.  
For those of you who are Competing in the Dance Around The World Solo Competition OR Auditioning for the Full Time Dance Schools,

you will need to allow extra time for collecting your BIB from the Netball Centre Court 3

Why Haven't I Received A Ticket or Email Confirmation of My Registration?

We are using a Registration system called "MyCompHQ" which is more than just a ticketing system. 

It allows you to manage your registration/ ticket bookings and also has the Event Program on it. 

We recommend that you install this as a bookmark on your phone.
Instructions for Iphones
Instructions for Android Phones


Attendees who registered via MyCompHQ are required to upload a Face shot via "Attendee Photo ID" - More Info

When you arrive at the venue, you simply need to tell the ushers your name.  They will look you up in the system, and check your Uploaded Photo against your appearance. Your Uploaded Photo essentially grants you access to the room you want to enter.

The system has been designed with Children in mind who don't have a drivers license. 

If you have a drivers license, you can simply show it to the usher when you tell them your name AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO UPLOAD A PHOTO into the MyCompHQ registration system.

Are There Allocated Seats to the Night Shows?

There are no allocated seats to the night shows.  It is General Admission UNLESS you have purchased the $45 VIP Show Seating (which can only be purchased in conjunction with a Weekend, Chaperone, ABDC, or Teachers Pass). 

The VIP Show seating enables you to skip the queues, and have the best seats in the house reserved for you.  The VIP seating area is non-allocated but only people with a VIP wristband may enter.

Can I purchase tickets and/or full passes, day passes at the Venue, during the Festival.

Yes you can.  Our Help Desk / Ticket Office will be open from 9.30am on Friday 8 April and during the Festival.

All Attendees who want a Day or Weekend Pass need to Register via the MyCompHQ registration system, but you can pay for the passes via cash, credit card or online.  It will be much faster for you as an attendee if you have everything done in MyCompHQ before you arrive so that you can just walk straight into the venue after a security check.

We understand that many people are having issues using the system just to purchase night tickets.  The system was designed to manage people doing workshops and not so much for show audiences.  If you find the system too difficult to use, you can buy your tickets from us at the venue.  However, you will have to queue to buy the tickets, then queue again to wait in line to enter.  So, the quickest option is to use MyCompHQ.  We have video tutorials on how to purchase the night show tickets.

What are the Terms & Conditions of Entry?

  • Upon entering the venue, you hereby grant to the Australian Dance Festival & it's sponsors the right to video or photograph part or whole of my involvement in the event for promotional use with respect to future presentations of ADF and the business of the Producer & it's sponsors.

  • Entry is subject to compliance with the venue's Conditions of Entry. Patrons who disrupt a performance, who are in use or possession of a prohibited object may be asked to leave the venue without refund of ticket purchase. Ticket holder consents to and will permit the search and inspection of his or her person, clothing, bags or other possessions by any official, employee or agent of the venue. See website www.quaycentre.com.au

  • Please follow the instructions of the Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre Staff & ADF Volunteers during the event.  

  • Attendees MUST walk (and not run) when inside the building ESPECIALLY when trying to get the seats for the evening shows

  • Attendees should take special care when walking up and down the staircases at the Sports Centre

  • The following items are not permitted to be brought into the venue: 

- Glass or breakable containers (no VOS bottles!)
- Cans or metal containers
- Food from Commercial Outlets e.g. McDonalds, Subway, Pizza Hut etc.
- Large items including eskies / hard case coolers and bags that cannot fit under seats
- Alcohol is not permitted
- No metal cutlery
- Alcoholic Beverages
- Flares/Fireworks
- Laser pointers
- Selfie Sticks
- Knives or other dangerous weapons
- Other similar items that have the potential to cause injury or nuisance

  • The ticket is valid only when purchased through an authorised agent. Any and all correspondence in relation to ticketing must be directed towards Angela Lau (email: angela@australiandancefestival.com.au - phone: 0416 053 169​

  • We reserve the right to vary, substitute of withdraw advertised programs, artists, venue and seating arrangements as necessary.

  • ​The ticket purchaser agrees to accept responsibility for ensuring this ticket is not copied and/or used fraudulently

Will There Be Storage/ Cloaking Facilities At the ADF?

  • There are no SECURE storage / cloaking facilities.

  • Please bring as little as possible into the venue as there is limited space in the venue for bag storage, AND bags can be a big trip hazard during the Festival. 

  • Bags must be stored in the designated areas marked out by the Quaycentre.

  • The Quaycentre will be conducting Full bag checks on entry to the workshops, and entry to the shows.  Please ensure that you allow for enough time for this to happen.

Getting To The Venue - Sydney Easter Show May Cause Delays & Traffic

The Sydney Easter Show will be on at the same time as the Australian Dance Festival at Sydney Olympic Park.  We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you use Public Transport to get to the Australian Dance Festival as there will be road closures, traffic delays and limited parking.  The good news is that there will extra public transport services to Sydney Olympic Park BECAUSE of the Easter Show.

If you want to get to your Workshops, Tech Rehearsals and Shows on time, then please allow extra time for travel.

If you MUST drive, then we recommend pre-booking your parking spot with Sydney Olympic Park.  The nearest parking stations to our venues are P3, P4, P2 and P7.  

Will food & drinks be available for sale inside Sydney Sports Centre & Netball Central?
Yes there will be food outlets set up within the venue that offer healthy food and drinks.

Close to the hotels are also the following outlets:  McDonald's, Gloria Jean's, Muffin Break and Subway.  Please note that the Quaycentre will not allow you entry to the building if you are carrying food that you have purchased off the premises and is clearly BRANDED.  If you must eat at McDonald's etc.  please finish your meal off site before entering the Quaycentre.

Will there be an ATM at the Venue?

The Quaycentre no longer has an ATM machine, so if you wish to purchase tickets, merchandise or food, you will either have to use a credit card or get cash before hand.

Child Protection Policies
Our organisation is committed to child safety. The Australian Dance Festival has a a Code of Conduct which sets out clear expectations for appropriate behaviour with children within our organisation, to help protect children from abuse.. 

We want children to be safe, happy and empowered. We support and respect all children, as well as our staff and volunteers.

We have zero tolerance of child abuse, and all allegations and safety concerns will be treated very seriously and consistently with our robust policies and procedures.

We have legal and moral obligations to contact authorities when we are worried about a child’s safety, which we follow rigorously.

Our organisation is committed to preventing child abuse and identifying risks early, and removing and reducing these risks.  For more information, please download our Code of Conduct

I booked my accommodation via the Australian Dance Festival.  How will the hotel know that I have a room?  

We have supplied the hotel with a list of people who paid for their accommodation via the Australian Dance Festival.  When you check in at the hotel, all you will have to do is provide them with your name and some photo ID.  You will also be required to provide them with your credit card details in order to cover any room service charges.

 I'd like to come but I'm worried that the event will be cancelled / postponed again. 
What is your COVID-19 Refund Policy

The normal refund policies* will apply UNLESS:

1. The government ban on mass gatherings of 500+ is still in place as at 28 Feb 2022.

Should this situation arise, we will look at cancelling the dates in April and re-scheduling the event as we will not put people at risk.

What this will mean for you in the case that the ADF is postponed:

  • You can either roll forward your ticket and your accommodation payments to the new scheduled dates of the ADF or

  • If you are unable to attend the new scheduled dates, we will provide you with a refund for your ADF tickets and accommodation LESS a $25 administration fee

  • If you have already purchased your flights, please call your travel agent / airline to discuss how flexible their policies are and whether they will provide you with a credit or refund

  • If you haven’t purchased your flights, we recommend that you purchase a flight with the flexibility to change your dates.

  • Please remember that travel agents and airlines have also been badly affected by COVID-19 and be calm and compassionate with staff who are trying to help you. 

2. You have been directly impacted by COVID-19 and are unable to come due to illness, quarantine or loss of income (please communicate with us ASAP if this is the case). 
In this scenario, we will be assuming that the ADF will run as usual in April.

We will assess each request for a refund on a case by case scenario.

We do not wish for the ADF to be a source of more heartache and pain for families affected by COVID-19 and will use compassion common sense and to guide our decisions. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any assistance or clarification about refunds. Our preferred mode of contact is via email to angela@australiandancefestival.com.au.

Normal Refund Policy:

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellations up to 31st January 2022 will only be refunded 50% of any type of pass or accommodation.

Change Policy

  • Any changes such as cancellations, change of name, change in type of pass, change of room mate, switching rooms, changing dates of accommodation, etc will be subject to an administration charge of AUD$25

  • No cancellations, changes and/or refunds will be accepted from 1st Feb 2022