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The Australian Dance Festival proudly launched "Resonate" in 2019 in order to share the Australian Dance Festival experience with primary and high school students.  We chose the name "Resonate" (def'n: To evoke a feeling of shared emotion or belief with someone) in recognition of the power of dance to inspire, teach and empower individuals to grow in their self-belief and own innate potential.

We wish the best of luck to the Schools Performing in Resonate for 2024:
Beerwah State College (QLD)

Blaxland High School (NSW)

Brigidine College (NSW)

Matthew Flinders Anglican College (QLD)
Mount St Benedict College (NSW)

Ormeau Woods State High School (NSW)
Pymble Ladies' College (NSW)

St Marys Star of the Sea (NSW)

St Scholastica's College (NSW)

The Ponds High School (NSW)
Winmalee High School (NSW)

​Xavier College Llandilo (NSW)

Applications Have Now Closed for Schools wishing to Perform.

Please Email Us If You would like to be put on our Wait List.


 The joy and energy which school students bring to our workshops is incredible.  Each year, we witness students coming into the workshops feeling intimidated and shy, to emerging out of their shells and having the courage to show what they have learned whilst being cheered on by their peers. 


Our instructors were thrilled to have so many eager students hungry to learn and be inspired. 

We cannot wait to do it all over again in 2024.

We still have limited spaces for Primary & High Schools who would like to participate in

the Dance Workshops at ADF without having to compete,
Please Click
Here to register


2022 Best Overall Performance
Pymble Ladies' College

2022 Best Concept
Downlands College

2022 Most Creative Choreography
Glenwood High School

2019 Best Overall Performance
Nepean Creative & Performing Arts High School

2019 Best Concept
Ormeau Woods State High School

2019 Best Choreography
Glenwood High School

2019 Best Use of Props & Scenery
Oxford Falls Grammar School

2019 Most Cooperative
Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College


  • RESONATE  is an exciting opportunity for school students to perform on Australia’s largest dance platform – the Australian Dance Festival

  • Students must be from year 3 to year 12

  • Each performance must be between 3 – 5 minutes

  • Each performance team must have a minimum of 20 students.

  • There is no cap on maximum numbers as long as the performance adheres to the time limit, and the choreography takes into consideration the size of the stage (16.8 meters wide x 9 meters deep)

  • Performances will take place on  Friday 20th September at the Quay Centre in Sydney Olympic Park

  • Tickets to the performance will be available for sale to family and friends ($50 per ticket)


  • To give our youth a voice – their performance will be seen by a live audience of 3,000+ as well as broadcast on the Australian Dance Festival YouTube Channel

  • To provide the experience of being part of a great performance that they can feel proud of, and remember in years to come

  • To provide opportunities to learn about leadership, team work, and how to express ideas and see them come to life

  • To give school students exposure to Australia’s best in dance, and inspiring them to continue to integrate dance and all it’s benefits (physical movement and coordination, mental engagement, self-confidence, team work etc) into their lives.

  • To provide professional development and community to Dance Teachers working in Primary & High schools, so that they can access  best practice, a support network, and relevant training to excel in their vocation.


Respect | Integrity | Enrichment | Opportunity

We RESPECT that our children have something important to say, and ideas to share

INTEGRITY – that we mean what we say and we say what we mean. Our words and actions have values

ENRICHMENT of your current performing arts program to bring clarity and depth to your students’ performance

OPPORTUNITY to develop and experience pride and passion by being part of an amazing team performance

What is Resonate
Aims of Resonate
Resonate Values


  • If your school has a passionate Performing Arts team and you have some movers and shakers in your student cohort, your school needs to be involved.  


  1. Complete the Online Application Form.  If you have any difficulties accessing this form, please email:  or call 0423 266 571 .

  2. Wait for your registration acceptance from the ADF RESONATE team 

  3. Once you have been accepted you will receive your Next Steps Booklet.


Students who participate in RESONATE will experience:

  • Workshops with some of Australia's best choreographers (Faculty will be confirmed in early 2024).  

  • Opportunity to perform on the Australian Dance Festival stage with 2,500 audience capacity

  • Encouragement, fulfilment and enrichment through the creative process that RESONATE enables

Teachers who participate in RESONATE will experience:

  • Professional Development Day (Friday 20th September) hosted in the Teachers VIP Room at the Australian Dance Festival.

Who is Resonate for?
How can you get involved?
The Resonate Experience


  • RESONATE will be hosted at the Quay Centre at Sydney Olympic Park on Friday 20th September, 2024.

  • This is for you and your students to put your best foot forward and to put your school on the map for performing arts.



  • Each item must be between 3 - 5 minutes in duration.

  • All props and scenery must only be hand held and operated by the performers on stage.  

  • All items will have a short time to pre-set and bump off the stage.

  • The RESONATE Judging panel will be made up of 3 key dance industry personalities to be announced prior to the event.


At the conclusion of the performance day the following awards will be presented by our judges:

  • Best Concept

  • Most Creative choreography

  • Best overall performance

Where will Resonate happen?
Performance Criteria


  • All communication will be delivered to you via email well before the event allowing you the opportunity to communicate with your students and families and for you to be super organised.

  • On the day, your students will participate in our RESONATE dance workshops, giving them a taste of the Australian Dance Festival and access to Australia’s most sought after industry professionals.  The workshops will prepare the students for an opening and closing ceremony for RESONATE.

  • You as dance teachers and specialists are also invited to participate in or observe these workshops should you desire.



Chosen schools are scheduled into our rehearsals on Friday 20th September, 2024 at the Quaycentre, Sydney Olympic Park.

Upon arrival you will be:

  • Greeted by a friendly Australian Dance Festival RESONATE marshal

  • Provided with clear instructions about the next steps for the day

During the day. Your students will:

  • 9am:  Arrive at Quaycentre

  • 9.30am - 10am: Complete a safety induction

  • 10am - 12:15pm:  Students to participate in 2 Dance Workshops (Exclusive to Students from Primary/ High schools only)

  • 12.15pm - 1pm:  Lunch Break

  • 1pm:  The Australian Dance Festival will open to the general public

  • 1pm - 4:20pm: Student can participate in 3 x ADF Dance Workshops

  • 4:30pm - 5:20pm: Resonate Tech Rehearsals 

  • 4.30pm - 6pm:  

  • 6pm - 7pm: Students can visit the exhibitors at the Australian Dance Festival and also have dinner etc.

  • 7pm: Doors Open for Resonate and ABDC Show.  Performers must be back stage

  • 7:30pm - 10pm: Resonate and ABDC Shows & Awards

  • 10pm: Shows Finish

On the night of the performance:

  • Students will have to Prepare their hair, make up and costumes for their item, and be backstage by 7pm.

  • A marshal will escort them to the stage to pre-set

  • Perform on the Australian Dance Festival stage

  • If space and time permit, sit in the audience to watch other schools perform

Friday 20th September, Professional Development Day for Dance Teachers @ Netball Central, Sydney Olympic Park

  • Professional Development Workshops will run from 10am - 4pm.  Topics from last year included:

    • Taking Dance From Zero To Hero at Your School.  Strategies for effectively advocating for Dance in Primary & High S​chools

    • Best Practice in Engaging Students to Create Award Winning Showpieces

    • The Whys & Hows of Delivering National Qualifications in Dance to your school students (Hint: There are funding benefits!)

  • You will also be able to access the dance workshops for students (as a spectator),  the evening show, and the expo on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.


You will receive a confirmation email that will give you all of the information you need to get started.

You will be given a login to  Our Teachers Portal where you can invite your students and enable them to pay for their own fees directly to us. 


Via this portal, your school will also be invoiced $100 as a commitment fee (given that we only have 10 spots available). 
This registration fee is NON-Refundable..


Schools Participating in Workshops and Performing:

$75 Per student, which includes the following:

  • 2 x Dance Workshops in the morning (Exclusive to Students from Primary/ High schools only)

  • 3 x ADF Dance Workshops in the afternoon (students will be able to choose from 3 different workshops)

  • A Performers pass for the Resonate Show (10 performance slots only!)

Schools Participating in Workshops ONLY:

$60 Per student, which includes the following:

  • 2 x Dance Workshops in the morning (Exclusive to Students from Primary/ High schools only)

  • 3 x ADF Dance Workshops (students will be able to choose from 3 different workshops)

  • A Spectator pass for the Resonate Show

Teachers VIP Room Day Pass:

$70 Per teacher, which includes the following

  • 5 x Professional Development Teacher Workshops

  • Spectator Entry to Dance Workshops

  • Backstage access to be with school during the show

Schools taking part in the night show is required to pay a $100 entry fee to secure their spot.

This registration fee is NON-Refundable.


For Teachers

  • 1 x Teachers Passes, Per 20 Students, to the Australian Dance Festival valued at $180 each

For Students:

  • 5 x Workshops with some of Australia's Best Choreographers

  • Opportunity to perform on the iconic ADF Stage

For The School:

  • 2 x Free Tickets to Resonate (valued at $100) for your heads of school

What will happen at the festival?
What happens on the day?
What happens when you register
What costs are involved?


  • Transport costs to and from the Festival will have to be covered by the students / schools

  • If students / staff wish to participate in the Festival on Friday 20th – Sunday 22nd September, then please refer to the information on Group Bookings on our website

  • Family, friends and other staff members who wish to Watch the show on Friday 20th September will have to pay a ticket fee of $50 per person . The show start time will be 7:30pm. Shows will end at approximately 10pm.


Should you wish to speak to one of our friendly RESONATE team members, please do not hesitate to contact us at  or call 0423 266 571.



Other info on costs
Sarah Boulter.jpg

Sarah Boulter,

2019 Resonate Judge

Resonate 2019 surpassed all my expectations.

It was a wonderful celebration of talent, creativity & entertainment.

I believe Resonate 2019 has certainly raised the bar for any comparable competitions.


Gabrielle Robinson,

2019 Resonate Mentor

In 2019, over 21 items were presented at the first Resonate event. More than 300 students participated in the workshops, rehearsals and performance process with anticipation and heightened energy.

Throughout the year I walked through the conceptual steps with the under-confident schools and students, and during the event my heart exploded with pride and joy as I watched how the teachers had stretched themselves and their students.

In the workshop series all dancers encouraged each other in such a positive environment,it was a truly uplifting experience and  highly emotional experience for me, witnessing the personal growth of both students and teachers during the process. 

The standard of choreography and skill level of these in school dance students was out of this world. This event is a true representation of the brilliant work that in school dance teachers are producing.


Lauren Thompson,

Dance Choreographer at Oxford Falls Grammar School

We just wanted to say a massive thank you to the organisers of Resonate for the Australian Dance Festival. Our students had a lot of fun learning from a range of choreographers and being amongst such a variety of schools. It was a fabulous opportunity for them to be exposed to industry professionals and we will definitely be entering next year! 

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