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We've got exciting news that's going to add a whole new level of convenience and ease to your Australian Dance Festival experience. Say hello to our budget-friendly locker service – your ultimate dance weekend companion.

Every year at the ADF, we have a big issue with BAGS and Lost property.  Our risk management team have told us that we can't have any bags at all in the Hall of Legends as it just gets too crowded and they are a trip hazard. So, we've organised for there to be lockers at the event this year.

For just $30, you can secure a locker for the entire weekend

That's only $10 a day! 

Benefits that Dance On:

  1. Peace of Mind:  Unburden yourself and dance with complete freedom. No more worrying about where to stash your essentials during workshops or performances. 

  2. Dance Without Limits: Let nothing hold you back on your dance journey. Embrace every workshop, masterclass, and performance with unbridled enthusiasm, knowing your essentials are safely stowed away.

How It Works:

  • Log in to our Registration System

  • Click on "My Entries"

  • Go to Add Items and Select "Locker for 3 Days - $30"

  • Make sure that you pay for your locker before you log out!

  • As we only have a limited number of lockers, they will sell out so get in quick!

At the Event: 

  • Lockers will be located in Netball Central as this area is not closed to the public during Tech Rehearsals (unlike the Quaycentre)

  • The Netball Centre Closes at 8pm Daily, Please Collect Your Belongings Before Then.

  • There will be an Info Desk in Netball Central and you simply have to tell them your name and they will check to see you have booked a locker and hand you a key to keep for the entire 3 days

  • You will have to complete a form to authorise us to charge your credit card for $30 if you lose the key

  • The form will be returned to you once we get the key back

  • Keys must be returned to us by 5pm on Sunday 22nd September.

  • Note that we have 2 different types of lockers. 

  • In the interest of fairness, attendees who come to Netball Central early (from 11am) will get the Type 1 lockers which are larger.  

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