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The Teachers VIP Room!
Top-Notch Professional Development & Catering!  Champagne anyone?

Is Your Choreography & Creativity Feeling Stale?
​Get Inspired By Our Choreographers In Their Workshops!
Watch the Amazing Shows in the Evening!

Have The Lockdowns Left You Feeling Tired & Questioning Your Purpose in the Dance Industry?
Be Nurtured and Network With Our Mentors in the Teachers VIP Room

Are You Finding It Hard To Be There For Your Students, When You're Feeling Anxious Too?

Our Session On "Dealing With Distressed Students" run by a Professional Psychologist and High School Counsellor will give you tools to help yourself, and your students.

Our Teachers Passes Are Everything You Need To Put The "YUCK" of the Covid Pandemic Behind You.
Refill Your Tank and Inspire Your Love for Dance Teaching Again!


Available as:
Friday Pass | 8 April: $70

Saturday Pass |  9 April: $70

Sunday Pass* } 10 April:  $70
3 Day Pass | Fri 8 - Sun 10 April:  $180 (Workshops as a Spectator)
3 Day Pass | Fri 8 - Sun 10 April: $370 (Workshops as a Dancer)
* Tip:  If you love Ballet and Lucinda Dunn, Sunday is THE day to come.
You will get to see her teach in the Juniors and Seniors workshops, as well as attend a Q&A with her in the Teachers VIP Room.

As an industry, dance studios and teachers have had to show a heroic amount of resilience and strength to pivot our businesses and teaching systems and adapt to Covid-19.  In 2022, the Teachers Room will provide a SAFE HAVEN to share our experiences, heal our trauma, and gain knowledge and skills to adapt and prepare for the future.

This year, we have also scheduled the Teachers sessions so that you can pop in to the dance workshops either 15 minutes after they start, or 15 minutes before they finish.  That way, you can still pop into the Workshops to check out our choreographers and NOT COMPROMISE your professional development.


Find out more about about who's delivering your content in the Teachers VIP Room by clicking on the photos below:



1pm - 2.30pm

Building an Authentic Studio Culture that you can be Proud Of

Panel: Amanda Barr, Jen Dalton, Rebecca Liu-Brennan, Robyn Parras
Be the studio you want to be and stay in your own lane. There is room for so many types of studios in our industry so stay authentic to you. 
We build our culture from the ground up through all your streams of classes and through your staff culture. 

  • You do you, boo

  • Stay in your own lane

  • Staff Culture

  • Comp Team Culture

  • Rec Stream Culture

3.30pm - 5pm

Catch Ups, Canapes & Champagne!

Sponsored by Empowerdance
It's been 2 years since we've been able to catch up in person with other Dance Teachers & Professionals.  

Come into the Teachers VIP room and treat yourself to some champagne, a catered afternoon tea and a big catch up on how others have fared during the last 2 years.  


9.20am - 10.40am

The Power of Building Life-Long Clients from the Ground Up
Panel: Amanda Barr, Jen Dalton, Rebecca Liu-Brennan, Robyn Parras

Building life-long clients for your studio is important, not just for your bottom line, but also because it fulfills our calling as dance educators to instil an enduring love for dance in our students.  In this session, we will cover:

  • Remembering our calling and passing on a life-long love for dance 

  • How to calculate the lifetime value of a student.

  • How we should view our students from both the eyes of a passionate educator as well as a business striving for profitability and longevity.

  • Strategies to attract students from a young age

  • Thinking Outside the Box in terms of WHO you attract so you’re not competing with other dance studios in your area.

  • Strategies to retain clients so that a toddler who comes through your doors is still a loyal student when they become an adult

11.45am - 1.15pm
1.45pm - 3.15pm

How To Keep Your Dance Choreography Relevant

Panel: Paris Cavanagh, Alex Miedzinski and Marko Panzic.  

Tap into the master minds of Paris, Alex & Marko.  

These 3 Icons of the Australian dance industry are consistently delivering choreographies that dancers love! 

Here's your chance to take a deep dive into these brilliant, creative minds.​


Silver Linings from the Covid Pandemic

Presented by Gabby Robinson, Empowerdance
Many of us took an absolute battering during the pandemic.  As dance teachers and as business owners, we were all affected by the lockdowns.  What lessons did we learn in being resilient and adaptive? If more lockdowns or other disasters were to strike, would we have the know how and mindset to keep going?

Listen to her compelling story of how she built her studio from 120 to 1200 students within 3 years. How she pivoted her business in 20/21, embraced the people around her and built one of the strongest brands in Australian dance. Join Gabby and her powerhouse daughter Ellie as they lead a round table discussion with you on the following topics.

Gabby will cover:

  • How to cultivate a resilient and successful mindset when everything seems out of your control

  • How to look for opportunities when the world turns upside down

  • Using your "Why" as a compass, Gabby's "Why" is to develop a life-long love of dance in all dance students

  • How to build a team of people who support your mission

  • How to understand your customers' wants & frustrations and provide win/win/win solutions 



9.15am - 10.45am

Social Media Marketing That Maximizes Enrolments

Presented by Amanda & Nathan Barr, Dance Principals United

Our industry is full of incredible, creative people, who generate amazing content for their social media accounts. 

But is that content actually increasing your enrolments? 

Our social media feeds should be a place to showcase the high quality performers and choreography that we can produce…but it also needs to be able to generate consistent, high quality enrolments into your classes. In this session, Amanda & Nathan open the book on the marketing strategies of their million dollar studio. They will share their proven tips and tricks on:


  • Being ultra clear on WHO you are marketing to

  • The types of posts that generate enrolment enquiries

  • Why we need to pay to play on IG + Facebook in 2022

  • Being consistent all year round with your social media marketing

11am - 12.30pm

Q&A with Lucinda Dunn

We are so excited to have Lucinda Dunn in the Teachers room!  As one of Australia's most loved and longest serving Ballerinas, Lucinda has had a distinguished career having performed on  stages all around the world from the tender age of 17.  Her performance career has spanned 23 years and she has inspired generations of younger dancers to follow in her footsteps.

Since 2015, Lucinda  has been the Artistic Director of the Tanya Pearson Academy.  Her technical knowledge, experience and wisdom has nurtured many of Australia's current and future ballet stars.

The following was written about Lucinda in the Energetiks Blog:
 “Miss Dunn is incredible” says former student and 2015 Genee Gold Medalist Maeve Nolan. “All of us at Tanya Pearson’s - she inspires us every single day. Always coming in with a smile on her face and asking ‘How are you today?’ instead of ‘Let’s just start’; she always wonders what the dancer is feeling.” 

The unmistakable success of her students speaks volumes about Lucinda’s skills as a teacher, and her methods prove that teaching technical discipline doesn’t require severity, only a student and a teacher equally committed to achieving success.

This is your chance to ask her questions about how mindset, ballet technique and teaching philosophy.

2.30pm - 4pm

Dealing With Distressed Students

Presented by Justin Cogley, 

Dip Ed: Living Skills, BEd, Grad Dip. Psychology, MEd (Counselling Psychology), Registered Psychologist (AHPRA), Board Certified Psychological Supervisor (PBA), Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) Facilitator (Group & Seminar Programs), 1,2,3 Magic Parenting Facilitator

As students return to our dance studios after 2 years of uncertainty, many of us are dealing with the impact the lockdowns have had on our students emotional and mental wellbeing.

As teachers, we naturally care and want to nurture our students, but we aren't equipped to deal with the anxiety, depression, self-harm and questions on gender identity/ sexuality that have become so rampant in our students.

Justin Cogley is the husband of the Australian Dance Festival's director.  He is also a psychologist and been working as a school counsellor for over 20 years.   Justin understands how to talk to students and offer them the support that they need.  A part of his job is supporting teachers on how to care for their distressed students.

In this session, Justin will offer:

  • Strategies on how to listen to students with compassion and curiosity

  • Minding your own boundaries and prioritizing your own sense of balance and wellbeing

  • When you should be referring students to other professionals, and who should you be referring them to

  • Recognizing the Drama Triangle and making sure you don't get on it! 

Who's The Boss of the Teacher's VIP Room? Gabrielle Robinson!

We have appointed a very special person to champion our Teachers' Room.  We are proud to announce our partnership with Gabrielle Robinson from Empowerdance.  


Gabby positions herself in the Teacher's VIP Room as the facilitator who is curious about how we all contribute to the industry and how we can bring more impact. She brings a perspective that serves, supports and educates all who are present.  

Gabrielle is uniquely placed to champion the Teacher's VIP Room as she has the perspective and experience of being;

  • A Dance Teacher

  • A Full Time Studio Owner

  • A Business Coach

  • A NLP Practitioner

  • The Director of her own Registered Training Organisation

  • An Entrepreneur

Since being involved with the Australian Dance Festival in 2015, Gabrielle has expressed a passion for the event and has a vision for how the event can be used to help dance teachers.

"After being involved in these incredible dance teachers sessions last year,  it occurred to me that dance teachers from all genres, have very few opportunities to network, gather information and build their teachers tool kit.

It is becoming increasingly important for dance teachers to keep their finger on the pulse and be committed to their own continuous improvement.

It's the teachers that are present in these sessions, and spend time with prominent people in the industry, that are developing the new generation of dance brilliance and creating a strong shift for the future of the dance industry"
- Gabrielle Robinson

About Gabrielle Robinson:

With over 30 years of experience in the studio, Gabrielle Robinson has worked with companies, studios and in schools, dancing and running workshops, programs and classes.  

The extent of her knowledge far outreaches the two studio locations, 1200 students and 40 staff she coaches and employs.  Being the director of South Australia’s original self built Registered Training Organization, and the largest private provider of year 11 and 12 dance, Gabrielle takes pride in her ability to build culture and community around her.  A registered RAD teacher she also is a service provider for studios in need of support and has consulted for RAD regional advisory panel Ausdance SA.
As a side note… Gabrielle has extensive qualifications which she puts to good use with businesses needing developing and a fresh approach.  Business coaching, and health coaching brought together by her training in NLP has opened the space for her to create a dance specific APP, a practice companion for teachers, which is linked to a website for students to take home to practice with. Aside from the massive improvement in the quality of student work, the Buddy income generator is also a fantastic opportunity for studios to grow their profits.