24th - 26th September 2021

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23-25 April 21

Open to Soloists (8 and above) and to Troupes (under 7 to 15+ years of age).

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24-26 September 21

Workshops, Performances, Expo, Auditions for Full Time Dance and Dance Competitions for Dance Schools, Individuals and Teachers



23 APRIL 2021

From the Ashes We Rise! The silver lining to 2020 is that it’s made us STOP. ADAPT and RE-CREATE. Our resilience has been tested and PHOENIX by ADF is the result! Introducing a new competition held at Hurstville Entertainment Centre. Open to Soloists (8 and above), and to Troupes (under 7 to 15+ years of age).

But it's not just a competition...! In true ADF fashion, our competition is not judged on 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. The prizes will be awarded for:  Best Choreography, Most Entertaining & Most Technically Excellent. Soloists will have the opportunity to win scholarships to the Australian Dance Festival in September, and also be scouted by Marko Panzic for his Dream Creative Program. Our panel of judges will feature many of our ADF instructors - Australia's best dance professionals who are passionate about maximizing your learning opportunities and will provide you with great feedback so that you can improve. 


The Australian Dance Festival proudly launched "Resonate" in 2019 in order to share the Australian Dance Festival experience with primary and high school students.  We chose the name "Resonate" (def'n: To evoke a feeling of shared emotion or belief with someone) in recognition of the power of dance to inspire, teach and empower individuals to grow in their self-belief and own innate potential.


RESONATE  is an exciting opportunity for school students to perform on Australia’s largest dance platform – the Australian Dance Festival. 



If ever there was a reason to get off the couch and learn to dance, the Australian Dance Festsival is it! Whether you're a dance student, a professional dancer, or a non-dancer who just loves to watch dance, the Australian Dance Festival has something for everyone!  

With dance workshops, performances and dance competitions, the Australian Dance Festival at Sydney Olympic Park promises to be a celebration of Australia's best in dance.  

The Australian Dance Festival is also the auditioning grounds for 10 of Australia's most prestigious full time dance schools.  If you're interested in pursuing full-time dance studies, then you can't afford to miss out on this amazing opportunity to audition for 10 full-time dance schools in one weekend!